Fast Clock - Jazz Triad or Square

Jazz Triad


This Nia move is a version of the Fast Clock  -  where you practice stepping on at least two numbers of an imaginary clock before returning to its "center."  The term "Jazz Triad" is an update from "Jazz Square" in the Nia system since 2009. It means that your feet step in a triangular sequence: from 12:00 (right foot) to 8:00 (left foot) to 4 (right foot) to center (left foot). The forward motion of stepping to "12:00" keeps your hips open and lower spine free.  For body balance, practice stepping with the left foot to 12:00, then - 4:00 (right foot) to 8:00 (left foot) and back to center (right foot).  Feel free to change sides with a "cha-cha-cha" at center. 

Play with slow and fast speeds, small or large range of motion as you develop movement skill. It helps to sound the numbers out loud to enhance body/mind connection.  Continue below for Tips and Video!


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Pelvic Circles

Pelvic Circles 1

Pelvic Circles - one of my favorite moves - is a core move that may be practice in any stance with your feet parallel. Begin by circling your hips fluidly as if you are hoola hooping, paying attention to the rotation of your hip joints, and the ball of the hips rotating. Play with small circles, large circles, and evenly directing energy with the motion of your tailbone or pubic bone.  Feel the muscles of your core, your abdomen and lower back as you isolate and integrate your pelvis.

As you gain movement skill and balance, have a little fun by playing with different speeds, range of motions and energy variety. Continue below for Tip and Video! 

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Traveling In Directions

Travel in Directions 1

Traveling In Directions is one of Nia's nine stepping techniques that offer self-healing and conditioning benefits to your body from the ground up. This move is all about moving your body in space, changing directions by traveling forward and back, side to side, to the corners, and turning. Play with stepping on a circular path, around the room in square or moving freely thorugh the space. Reap the benefits of agility in your mind and feet!  Continue below for tips and video.

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Dancing the 52 Moves


52 Moves Dance 2

The 52 Moves are the basics of Nia choreography. Think of them as ingredents of a movement recipe that get combined with rhythm, beat and melody of music. Season with energy dynamics of the martial, dance and healing arts, then add your personal rhythm and you are on your Nia way.

Check out the video above, where I dance the moves in under 2 minutes and then click below to pick your personal "Move of the Week" to practice and play with!

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Finger Technique: Spear Finger

Spear Finger 1

Spear Finger, one of eight Nia finger techniques, offers self-healing and conditioning benefits to your fingers, hands, wrists and integrates your upper body. This move trains you to tune into a variety of dynamics that include flexibility - energy moving out; strength - energy drawing in; stability - a counterforce of energy out and in; and dynamic or positive tension. Use spear finger to sumultaneously extend out into space and draw in. This happens with your index and middle fingers extending and with your fourth and fifth fingers drawing in. This move prevents your elbow joint from hyperextending and protects your shoulder joint. Continue below for tips and video.


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