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Nia WHITE Belt Training

Nia WHITE Belt Training

The Nia " Art of Sensation"White Belt Training is for everybody. For the beginning to seasoned mover, for the person looking to deepen their connection to their body, movement and life; and for the person readty to begin their teaching path. The White Belt Training takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the Art of Sensation. Beginning with the Joy of Movement, you will learn the foundation of Nia – 13 principles that will lead you to holistic health, fitness and wellness for life. Receive the tools to take the magic of your Nia experience off the dance floor and into a “dancing through life" lifestyle.

Laurie leads Nia White Belt online and in person training courses at studios around the world.

2024 Online + In Person Training 

ONLINE Art of Sensation Nia White Belt
Embody the foundation of Nia Holistic Fitness + Wellness for your Body + Life from
 the convenience, of your home.
Training Details
This 16-week training include live 2-hour sessions and access to the Nia Online Training Portal to support your at home embodiment through movement practices, meditations, podcasts, self-reflections, live zoom, online and recorded classes. (32 hours live + 10 online classes + optional at home practices).

In Person Training 

Nia ScottishWB

SEPTEMBER 21-23 and 27-29, 2024

Been waiting for a retreat style Nia White Belt Course? Join us for our In Person spit-weekend White Belt in this Scottish Castle Hotel near Stirling, Scotland UK. This will include 3 days in between two weekends of training to satisfy your sense of adventure. Before registering for the White Belt, check out this landing page to get check out early registration rates, special hotel lodging rates and more information: Special Scottish Landing Page

Nia 5 STAGES Training

Nia 5 STAGES Training

Movement Medicine for Body, Mind + Soul

Nia 5 Stages Training provides the experiential foundation to deeply embody this self-healing, mindful practice based on the stages of human development and movement patterning. Whether you are a Nia teacher, student, movement practitioner, yoga instructor, somatic educator or health professional, this course will add somatic depth to your realm of expertise and expand your movement potential. For Nia teacher members, this training includes a post-trainng onine SHARE program that guides you to sharing 52 ready to deliver lessons plans. Anyone can take the training for personal practice and growth. However, to teach 5 Stages professionally (5 Stages classes + workshops),  a Nia White Belt and Nia teaching membership are required.


Trainings run over the course of 7 weekly sessions (using ZOOM). All sessons are recorded should you have a calendar or time zone conflict.  Course includes access to online resources, weekly journals and classes with Laurie to support your home embodiment and practice. 

Fall Online + In Person Dates Coming Soon |  GET INFO + REGISTRATION DETAILS

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Step 3: Explore the Art of Self-Healing

Contact Laurie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to get on her 'interested' in a future training list.  

Nia GREEN Belt Training

Nia GREEN Belt Training

Nia Green Belt Training ~ The Art of Teaching
Share the Joy of Teaching Nia with dynamice ease, relaxed confidence and skill.  This training is designed for every teacher from the novice Nia White Belt graduate to the experienced Nia Black Belt teacher.

You will learn to:  

  • Craft a Magical Nia Class experience for yourself, and your students.
  • Embody Nia Routines - by eliminating effort and creating ease.
  • Expand your understanding of Music ~ Sound Resonance.
  • Build choreography by Scaffolding from your base.
  • Cue with relaxed confidence and ease
  • Deepen your relationship to the 7 Cycle Format, including Focus and Intent.
  • Expand your authentic teaching self

As your Nia Green Belt Trainer, I am are here to:

  • Hold the space for learning, growth and development
  • Offer individual and group coaching.
  • Empower your 52 Moves Craft.
  • Share tools to enhance teaching skills.
  • Guide you through exercises for teaching mastery.
  • Support your learning style

2024 ONLINE Nia GREEN Belt Trainings with Laurie



Contact Laurie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information or to get on her 'interested' in a future training list. 

Specialty Nia Trainings  + Workshop Events

Specialty Nia Trainings + Workshop Events

Nia® MOVE It (52 Moves) Specialty Training
Learn + Embody the foundation and language of the Nia 52 Moves for your personal or professional Nia practice. The Nia MOVE it TRAINING takes you into the somatic anatomy and technique of Nia's 27 base, 7 core and 18upper extremity moves.  
All bodies and experience levels are welcome. Laurie creates a very positive and dynamic learning environment. The MOVE it trainig will deepen your persaonl experience of Nia resulting in less thinking, more dancing!
Step 1: REGISTER with Nia Technique>>HERE 
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Step 3: MOVE it > You get 7 bonus MOVE it classes with Laurie
 It will introduce you to 
  •  The MOVE IT Experience and Practice
  •  Learn, move + energize method of embodying technique
  • SCAFFOLDING base, core + upper extremities
  • One minute interval timers designed for practice 
As a student of Nia, you will gain an easeful confidence in recognizing the move, naming it and developing movement skill.
If you are a Nia teacher, this training is ESSENTIAL. You will gain movement skill, creativity and confidence in this class format. Your somatic skill of modeling Nia movement will transcend to your Nia classes along with the language to craft and guide your students with expertise. Licensed Nia® teachers will also gain a new interval format to add to offerings 

Nia® FLOORplay Specialty Training

floorplay fb event copy

 A 7-week online experiential journey where you will master learning how to move on the floor versus exercising. The art of FLOORplay is blending one move into the next to create a beautiful dance that massages and strengthens the whole body from fingers to toes. Thisunique program stimulates functional movement and self-healing by working with Nia floorplay fundamentals, The Body's Way philosophy and a varitey of music and energy dynamics.

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Step 3: Explore the Art of Play

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Up-Coming Workshops + Special  Events

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