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    Laurie Bass offers online and trainings world-wide




Nia WHITE Belt Training

Nia WHITE Belt Training

The Nia White Belt Training is for everybody. For the beginning to seasoned mover, for the person looking to begin their teaching path to the person looking to deepen their connection to their body, movement and life. The White Belt Training takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the art of sensation. Beginning with the Joy of Movement, you will learn the foundation of Nia – 13 principles that will lead you to greater health, wellness and fitness for life. The gift of the White Belt is receiving the tools to take the magic of your Nia experience off the dance floor and into your life – “dancing through life.”

Laurie leads White Belt online training coursss and in person intensives at studios around the world.


Focus: Art of Sensation | Intent: To embody the foundation of Nia
Deep dive into the practice of Nia. This fully online, interactive course will allow you to stay in the safety, convenience, and privacy of your home, while receiving the life-changing somatic lessons of the Nia White Belt Training. 
The newly updated Nia White Belt Training is the first level of Nia Body + Life Education, taking you on a journey through The Art of Sensation like never before. Over 16 weeks, you will learn to:
  • Experience greater pleasure in your body and life.
  • Use conscious movement for health and well-being.
  • Live life with greater joy, deep love and respect of your body. 
Training Details
This 16-week training include live 2-hour sessions and access to the Nia Online Training Portal to support your at home embodiment through movement practices, meditations, podcasts, self-reflections, live zoom and online classes with worldwide teachers. (32 hours live + 32+ hours at home practices).

2022 Online Training Dates:

Sundays beginning August 21, 2022  (Co-training w/UK trainer Dorit Noble)
Registration + Information

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Nia 5 STAGES Training

Nia 5 STAGES Training

Movement Medicine for Body, Mind + Soul

Nia 5 Stages Training provides every body with tools to embody this healing, mindful practice . It provides the experiential foundation for sharing the Nia Stages.  Whether you are a Nia teacher, student, movement practitioner, somatic educator or health professional, Nia 5 Stages Training add a new skill set to add to your realm of expertise. For Nia teacher members, this training includes a post-trainng onine SHARE program that guides you to shraing 52 ready to deliver lessons plans (in development). Anyone can take the training for personal experience and growth. To teach 5 Stages professionally (classes, workshops), White belt and a teaching mebersship are required. Anyone can take the trainig for personal embodiment and growth.

Training Topics: Exploring the Science, Craft, and Art of Nia 5 Stages; Adaptating and Personalizing ;the Nia 5 Stages Delivery; The Philosophy and Art of Self-healing;; Somatic Anatomy: The Body's Way + Your Body's Way;


Trainings will run over the course of 7 live interactive weekly sessions (using ZOOM). Sessons will be recorded for replay should you have a calendar conflict and includes access to online resources to support your home embodiment and practice.


Thursday, October 10 - November 17, 2022 CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION + REGISTRATION DETAILS

Contact Laurie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to get on her 'interested' in a future training list. 



Nia GREEN Belt Training

Nia GREEN Belt Training

Nia Green Belt Training ~ The Art of Teaching
Share the Joy of Teaching Nia with dynamice ease, relaxed confidence and skill.

The Nia Green Belt is the path to teaching the magic of Nia with ease, confidence and somatic skill. This training is designed for every teacher from the novice Nia White Belt graduate to the experienced Nia Black Belt teacher.

Teaching Nia is a path of The Body’s Way, self-healing, conditioning and self-discovery. It is a path fueled by the philosophy and belief that through movement we find health. Motivation and inspiration to teach Nia comes from a desire and a passion to share Nia with the world.

This training will teach you to:

  • Craft a Magical Nia Class experience for yourself, and your students.
  • Embody Nia Routines - by eliminating effort and creating ease.
  • Expand your understanding of Music ~ Sound Resonance.
  • Build choreography by Scaffolding from your base.
  • Cue with relaxed confidence and ease
  • Deepen your relationship to the 7 Cycle Format, including Focus and Intent.
  • Expand your authentic teaching self

As your Nia Green Belt Trainer, I am are here to:

  • Hold the space for learning, growth and development
  • Offer individual and group coaching.
  • Empower your 52 Moves Craft.
  • Share tools to enhance teaching skills.
  • Guide you through exercises for teaching mastery.
  • Address your learning style


2021 ONLINE Nia GREEN Belt Trainings with Laurie

Thursdays, beginning January 20, 2022CLICK HERE FOR INFO + REGISTRATION DETAILS


Saturdays, beginning April 23, 2022CLICK HERE FOR INFO + REGISTRATION DETAILS

Special Workshop Events

Special Workshop Events

In-depth experiences tailored to all levers of movers, Nia® belt graduates and teachers. Experiences draw upon inspiring topics centered around the Nia practice.

Topics include Nia FUNdamentals, The Basics of Nia's 52 Moves, Nia Routine Playshops + Immersions, Belt Reviews, Adapting Nia Routines to New Music, Simplify + Personalize Routine Learning,  The Yin + Yang of Nia,  Somatic Voice, Cueing with Mastery, FAMSS: 5 Phenomenal Sensations of Nia Fitness, Form + Freedom: Crafting on the Fly.

 Contact Laurie for one-on-one Mentoring or Coaching sessions

Up-Coming Special Workshops Events

Nia: The 3 Movement ARTS Workshop Experience
OPEN to every BODY, all levels of experience.
Sunday, March 13 | 12-1:30PM PDT | includes 48-hour recorded access
Note: Daylight Savings Begins
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