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About Laurie Bass

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Laurie is a creative mover, athlete, artist, yogi, somatic educator, wellness coach and member of the Nia Training Faculty. She is a teacher-trainer of the Nia White Belt and Nia 5 Stages programs. Her collegiate education includes degrees in Mathematics and Psychology from Pacific University. Laurie lives near Portland, Oregon, home to the international headquarters for the Nia Technique where she teaches classes, workshops and holds trainings both locally at StudioNia, home to Nia international headquarter in Portland and global, traveling to Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Larie Bass: I Am
Laurie Bass: I AM

I Love What I Do





I passionately share the pleasure, power, and sense of self-discovery that Nia offers people of all ages. My specialty is the profound self-healing, integrative and somatic education program called the Nia 5 Stages, created by Nia founder Debbie Rosas. I have used this development practice to self-heal, strengthen and re-align my spine. I have worked with Debbie in the development - of the Nia 5 Stages since its inception in 2007, creating its structure for resources, teacher-training and post-training program. I love that Nia offers people of all ages a pathway to self-healing, fitness, body education and self-discovery. Nia played a key role in my own healing of chronic pain, tendonitis and fatigue accumulated through athletic injury (knee and shoulder surgery) and entrepreneurial stress. Nia taught me to listen to the voice of my own body, to slow down, to adapt, accept and heal moment to moment. I have been a life coach, trained as a yoga teacher, Nia teacher and now Nia Trainer. My classes, workshops and trainings are filled with passion, fun, grace, creativity, skill, and acceptance. You will leave feeling re-energized, grounded, empowered and connected after class. I thoroughly enjoy traveling, photography, film, and connecting with Nia communities worldwide.

Laurie Story

Laurie's Story

I took my first Nia class at a local fitness club in the spring of 1999.   At the time, I was a self-employed in the retail coffee business~ yes, whipping up the daily espresso, managing staff & using caffeine as an energy source.  I was also completely bored with my workout routine:  treadmill walking, “light weights” & a little yoga—am & pm. It was just enough to keep the aches, stress and tiredness at bay. A friend thought I might like Nia-that it wasn’t like the run of the mill group exercise classes and that I would have fun. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I could use some fun!

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