Ball of the Foot

Ball of the Foot 1

Ball of the Foot is one of Nia's eight foot techniques that offer self-healing and conditioning to your body from the ground up. This move trains you to connect to the sensation of strength in your arches and ankles as you rise up to the ball of the foot. The key is to relax, lengthen and spread the toes, imagining the balls of your feet are a wide and stable as your whole feet on the ground. Continue below for tips and video.


Tips: As you move, keep your hip, knee and ankle joints 'alive." Play with varying the height of your heels to add strength and stability to a variety of muscles. Gain movement skill by moving slow or fast, stepping forward, backward or in a variety of Nia steps. Watch and move to the video below to bring your practice alive!


Ball of Foot 2

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