Cross Behind

 Cross Behind 1

Cross Behind is one of Nia's nine stepping techniques that offer self-healing and conditioning benefits to your body from the ground up. This move trains you to consciously step the ball of one foot behind the grounded foot of the other, making a small 'X" with the ankle joints. You may stay vertical with your spine, keeping your hips and shoulders facing front or play with sinking and rising. Reap the benefits of strong feet, agility in the ankles and powerful legs.  Continue below for tips and video.

Tips: Imagine that your ankles are tied together as you cross behind. To prevent from torquing your lower back, keep your hips and shoulders facing forward. Move from a small, self-healing range of motion to a larger conditioning range as you gain skill. Transition in open or A-stance, or with a playfull cha-cha-cha. Play with moving slow to fast, adding the precision of the martial arts, the softness of tai chi, or the expressiveness of the dance arts. There are many variations on this move...Watch and move to the video below to bring your practice alive!


Cross Behind 2

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