Finger Technique: Balance Finger

Balance Finger 1

Balance Finger, one of eight Nia finger techniques, offers self-healing and conditioning benefits to your fingers, hands, wrists and whole body. This move trains you to access a magnetiic-like stability in the upper extremities, to integrate upper and lower body, and improve the body's ability to balance. Point or press your middle finger towards the earth with a sensation of 'positive tension.' Continue below for tips and video.


Tips: Learn to keep your elbows and shoulders relaxed as you access the inner and outer arches of the hands. Play with palms down, up, towards each other or all around you in space. Gain movement skill by shifting body from one foot to the other, starting and stopping with a cat-lilke agility. Play with moving freestyle in space, connecting to the modern dance dynamic of on and off balance!  Watch and move to the video below to bring this finger technique alive!


Blaance Finger 2

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