Finger Technique: Claw Hand

Claw Hand 1

Claw Hand, one of eight Nia finger techniques, offers self-healing and conditioning benefits to your fingers, hands, wrists and upper body. This move trains you to move with precision, to express emotions like frustration, anger or chaos via a cat-like gesture. Scratch, claw and paw away at the space. This move enhances hand, finger and wrist strength. Continue below for tips and video.


Tips: Learn to keep your wrists relaxed as you swipe with your claw-like fingers. Imagine your fingers are like the talons of an eagle or claws of a cat as you explore the space above, below and all around you. Gain movement skill by moving fast or in slow-motion, in stances or as you combine steps. Watch and move to the video below to bring this finger technique alive!


Claw Hand 2

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