Finger Technique: Power Finger Crossover


Power Finger Crossover, one of eight Nia finger techniques, offers self-healing and conditioning benefits to your fingers, hands, wrists and upper body. This move trains you to access the inner and outer arches of your hands, the spiraling action of your forearm bones and shoulder joint mobility. Cross middle finger over index as if you were crossing your fingers for good luck. The second variation is crossing the middle over the ring finger. This move enhances finger, hand and wrist strength. Continue below for tips and video.


Tips: Learn to rotate the forarm bones, consciously engaging the lines of energy along the top or bottom or your arms as you cross, extend and spiral. Play with palms up, scooping the arms up to open the shoulder joint and palms down to add stability. Gain movement skill by moving with long, extended arms or short and spiraling. Watch and move to the video below to bring this finger technique alive!



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