Finger Technique: Spear Finger

Spear Finger 1

Spear Finger, one of eight Nia finger techniques, offers self-healing and conditioning benefits to your fingers, hands, wrists and integrates your upper body. This move trains you to tune into a variety of dynamics that include flexibility - energy moving out; strength - energy drawing in; stability - a counterforce of energy out and in; and dynamic or positive tension. Use spear finger to sumultaneously extend out into space and draw in. This happens with your index and middle fingers extending and with your fourth and fifth fingers drawing in. This move prevents your elbow joint from hyperextending and protects your shoulder joint. Continue below for tips and video.


Tips: Be sure to press your thumb onto the knuckle of your index finger to create a 'trigger-like' sensation. Explore long arms, short arms and spiraling motions. Watch and move to the video below to bring this finger technique alive!


Spear Finger 2

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