Sink + Pivot Table Wipe


Sink + Pivot Table Wipe is one of Nia's nine stepping techniques that offer self-healing and conditioning benefits to your body from the ground up. This move trains you to shift your body weight from side to side, rotating the core and 'wiping' off an imaginary table. Benefits include the integration of upper and lower body, increased stability and agility in the base of the body.  Learn to track the movement of your hands with your eyes to cultivate focus, integrate head and neck. Continue below for tips and video.

Tips: Pick up, pivot and place your feet. Place 70% of your body weight on your front foot while keeping your three body weights - pelvis, chest and head - verticaly aligned. As you gain movement skill, play with a high or low planes; sweeping your hand palm up toward the ski or letting the arm dangle toward the earth; and with speed: slow or fast. Watch and move to the video below to bring your practice alive!



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