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Request a Training with Laurie

    Interested in bringing me to your studio, facility, or space for a Nia training? White Belt Trainings are 7-days. They may be delivered in a full week, 2-weekend, or a 3 weekend format.

    5 Stages Trainings are 2 or 2.5 consecutive day events. They include an at home pre-training course. Upon completion of the weekend training, there is a post-training course of study available upon licensing.

    A minimum number of participants is required for training events – determined by travel and training expense.

    Please complete the following information. A summary of your request will be sent to the e-mail provided. (* = Required)

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    Choose a primary training topic. In addition, you may request the addition of any
    short workshops, or standard Nia classes led by Laurie.

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    Generally, registration and instructor payment are two separate transactions. Once a training is confirmed, a registration link will be provided to NiaNow, a final instructor payment will be made to Laurie.

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