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Move with me.

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 You’ve got one body. Get in it. Move. Discover the power of its design - whether for fitness, for self-healing or for the pure pleasure of feeling well for a lifetime. You were meant to feel good. I believe movement is medicine. I invite you to move your body, mind and soul by stepping into one of my trainings, workshops or class experiences. Transform how you move, think, feel and live.



What Is NiaWhat Is Nia

What Is Nia

Nia is feel good fitness for the body, mind and soul. It is a cardio-dance, fitness practice that blends energizing, soul-stirring music with choreography that is easy to follow and designed to move the whole body. Moves are infused with the power and precision of the martial arts; expression and fun of the dance arts; and the mindfulness of the healing arts. Nia is the original non-impact form of fusion fitness that is easily adapted for each person. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic approach to health designed to address the body, mind, emotion and spirit. Nia reconnects people to the joy of movement. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindful awareness of the body, holistic fitness, and a well-being lifestyle.

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Move of the Week

Heel Lead 1

Heel Lead is one of Nia's eight foot techniques that offer self-healing and conditioning to your body from the ground up. This move trains you to connect to the natural sequence of 'heel-ball-toe' while stepping. Tune into the 'landing pad' of your heel as you shift your weight to the front foot, simultaneoulsy pressing off the back ball of the foot. Continue below for tips and video.



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Up-Coming Trainings

Up-Coming Classes

  • Nia w/TeamBass - Forest Grove Physical Therapy
    (09/27/16 5:45 pm)
  • Classic Nia - Nia Studio | Nia Headquarters, Portland OR
    (09/28/16 9:30 am)
  • Moving to Heal - Nia Studio | Nia Headquarters, Portland OR
    (09/28/16 10:45 am)
  • Nia Series - Yoga Hillsboro
    (10/02/16 9:00 am)

Opinions and thoughts...

  • Testamonial 1
    “ Laurie’s set the tone of the group and training with a calm and grounded presence – which allowed for greater receptivity as a student. She provided wonderful structure, and her delivery allowed a permission and opportunity for me to delve deeper and explore further. A different style and approach in delivering the course, which made it marvelous moment by moment. Thank you, Laurie! ”
  • Testamonial 2
    “ Laurie is amazing. She makes it so easy to enjoy the journey of the training. I love her ease, her pauses and her velvet voice.”
  • Testamonial 3
    “ Laurie is a warm, engaging and masterful trainer. The 5 Stages Training has been a personal and professional highlight in my life.” Janet Etty-Leal
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