What are the Nia 5 STAGES?

5 Stages Education

The Power of 5 Simple Moves
Ever wonder about the body’s original blueprint for movement? Marvel that encoded in your DNA is a natural sequence that maximizes your power and potential moving from the ground up? Consider that curiosity, desire and play were the internal motivation for conditioning your body to be upright in the world?

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Self-Healing My Feet

Healing My Feet

I stepped into Nia from the yoga world in 1999, feeling very comfortable with its philosophy of moving barefoot. My yoga practice aligned my body from the ground up - within the dimensions of my mat. Nia offered an incredible sense of freedom, allowing me to move in space, with music and the dance of Nia. My feet were strong. Fast forward a year, add repetitive stress injury that triggered an inflammatory response in my whole body and suddenly my feet were reeling in pain from plantar fasciitis. My feet needed healing!

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5 STAGES in London + Linz!

Training in Europe

In July, 2015 I journeyed to Europe where I shared my passions for self-healing and body transformation via the Nia 5 Stages training program. I had a wonderful time in London connecting with Nia teachers and movers that I have come to know from previous visits, from dancing and training White Belts with my colleague Dorit Noble. I love that many countries, languages and accents were represented (UK, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Sweden, and South Africa). It was inspiring to witness the transformation in movement, an increased flow and vitality in just a few short days. Here is what Cim Bartlett, Nia Brown Belt, had to say after the training:

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What to Wear to Nia

What to Wear to NiaThe Evolution of a Nia Fashionista

I grew up with a ‘fashionista’ mom. She infused a sense of style into any activity, whether that was on the golf course, lunch with her sisters, an afternoon of shopping, an evening out, running errands or sporting our school colors at many a ball game. She artfully combined comfortable silhouettes with colors she loved and a little flair that always stood out and still does to this day. I have never seen her wear anything she deemed too young, too tight or simply outdated. Like many moms out there, and perhaps yourself included, she has seen fashion cycle and recycle throughout the decades. What remained constant was her personal criteria: does it fit well, feel good, look good and is it me?

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Holistic Fitness


Integrating All of You
Holistic: addressing the whole being, not merely one part. An increased awareness of body, mind and spirit.

I love that Nia is more than a workout for your body. It has a way of working out your mind, tapping into the power of your emotions and opening spirit.

I know in my early exposure I sensed many layers of myself being moved beyond the sweaty physical. Although, I couldn’t always put my experience into words, I do know that my mind was engaged in a focused, relaxed way. I was learning new patterns of movement, breaking habits and enjoying new music. My emotions shifted – I always left class feeling a natural high, happier than when I stepped in no matter my life circumstance. I felt connected to my spirit, to my essence. Similar to yoga, in that I felt deeply connected in body, mind and spirit.

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