Pelvic Circles

Pelvic Circles 1

Pelvic Circles - one of my favorite moves - is a core move that may be practice in any stance with your feet parallel. Begin by circling your hips fluidly as if you are hoola hooping, paying attention to the rotation of your hip joints, and the ball of the hips rotating. Play with small circles, large circles, and evenly directing energy with the motion of your tailbone or pubic bone.  Feel the muscles of your core, your abdomen and lower back as you isolate and integrate your pelvis.

As you gain movement skill and balance, have a little fun by playing with different speeds, range of motions and energy variety. Continue below for Tip and Video! 

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Lateral Travel

Lateral Travel 1

One of Nia's nine steps, Lateral Travel, is a way to move your body through the space from side to side. There are two versions, one where the feet simply step together and step apart as the image above captures and a second version called "ninja style" where one foot steps or crosses behind the other.

In the classic lateral travel, you simply step your feet together and apart, shifting your body weight as you place your feet. Look in the direction that you intend to step, think of stepping evenly as you open/close.

In the second, "ninja style", mindfully step one ball of the foot behind the other, allowing for space between front and back foot, and look to side you are traveling to direct your mind. Keep your hips and knees relaxed, decelerate down and push up off the back foot for stability. 

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Traveling In Directions

Travel in Directions 1

Traveling In Directions is one of Nia's nine stepping techniques that offer self-healing and conditioning benefits to your body from the ground up. This move is all about moving your body in space, changing directions by traveling forward and back, side to side, to the corners, and turning. Play with stepping on a circular path, around the room in square or moving freely thorugh the space. Reap the benefits of agility in your mind and feet!  Continue below for tips and video.

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Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha 1

The "cha-cha-cha" is an inspiration from the dance arts and a Nia class favorite! Rhythmically step right-left-right or left-right-left by picking up one foot and then the other. Keep your feet under your hips while move dynamically dancing in place, moving through the space or switching movement combinations from one side to another.

Feel free to explore your jazzy or sassy side. Play with sounding: 1-2-3, cha-cha-cha, sha-sha-sha, ah-ah-ah

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Slow Clock

Slow Clock 1

In this Nia move, play with stepping on the numbers of an imaginary clock and returning to "center" between each number---that is what defines the "slow" aspect (always returning to center). Leave your 'footprint' as you step. Think of having two 12:00, 2 centers and two 6:00 --- one for each foot as you practice: 12-center-6-center....

Feel free to play with any combination as you direct your body and sound the numbers out loud to increase brain fitness: "number-center-number-center."  Keep your feet under your hips (and core) as you step, your hip joints mobile and engage your arms to integrate your core. Vary range of motion, speed and different combinations as your skill improves.  Click "Continue Reading" for Tip and Video!

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