Inward Block

Inward Block 2

Inward Block is martial art arm technique that increases the strength, fexibility and agility of the arms, shoulders and core of the body. Begin in ready position. Move one up and then spiral the forearm across to the opposite side of your head to "protect" your face from an imaginary blow. Return to ready position.  Choose A, Sumo or Bow stance to practice. Continue below for Tip and watch video for 2 different techniques! 


Tip:  Practice with a variety of speed:  slowing down to gain fluid strength, speed up for agility. Play with a range of motion that suits your body's way. Keep your base "spring-loaded" as you channel your inner martial artist! As with all blocks, engage the opposite elbow to strengthen and integrate you whole body. As you gain skill, begin to energize with the martial, dance and healing arts to gain movement skill. Sound, "In-in-in."

Inward Block 3

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