Open Stance

Open Stance

Open Stance is a Nia base move - one of six stances drawn from the martial arts. Like all stances, this move trains you to draw stability and power from the feet, legs and hips.  Practice by placing your feet parallel, just under your hip joints and equalizing the weight front to back, as well as between the inner and outer edges. Consciously align the bones of your feet along the horizontal plane, and your legs (shin and thigh bones) vertically - lengthening up and out. Continue below for Tips and video.


Tip:  Isolate in stillness, then integrate by sinking and rising into your base. Tune into your balance, moving your three body weights (pelvis, chest, head) down and up.  Explore creating shapes, drawing inspiration from the dance arts. Mindfully aligned your bones, joints and muscles drawing inspiration from the healing arts. Incorporate your arms and hands as you exlplore the power of your open stance. Imagine standing on two railrood tracks or skis.


Open Stance 3

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