Downward Punch

DownwardPunch 1

Downward Punch is Nia arm technique drawn from the martial arts. One of four punches, this move trains you to draw power from the base, coordinate left and right sides of the body, strengthen the core and focus the mind on a target downward.  Begin in ready position with your elbows drawn back in A or Sumo Stance.  Practice by spiraling one fist down toward the ground at an imaginary target. Continue below for Tips and video.


Tip:  Practice with a variety of speed and combinations. Be mindful as you punch downward, keeping your extended arm is a state of positive tension and allowing your shoulders to rotate. Balance the downward motion by engaging the opposite arm drawing back - this protects the shoulder and elbow joints.  Feel free to energize with the martial, dance and healing arts to add energy variety. Sound, "down, ha, he, no."

Downward Punch 2

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