Back Kick

Back Kick


The Back Kick is one of four Nia kicks that draw upon the marital arts for inspiration. As you practice, maintain balance through the core and key into a four part aciton: PREPARE by drawing thigbone UP, heel draws IN to buttock, kick back OUT with heel, draw IN with heel, and release foot DOWN to floor. Think: IN, OUT, IN, DOWN.  Keep standing leg "spring-loaded", directing your attention simultaneously back toward your target and on your standing leg directing energy down. 


As you gain movement skill and balance, play with different heights, speeds, range of motions, energies and combinations. Continue below for Tip and Video!


Tip:  Start with your level one - a small range of motion - by tapping back onto the floor, then increasing range as balance increases. Add energy variety with the 3 arts:  add slow motion for tai chi energy, a shape for modern and focus on the alignment of your bones to connect to yoga.


Back Kick 2

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