Pelvic Circles

Pelvic Circles 1

Pelvic Circles - one of my favorite moves - is a core move that may be practice in any stance with your feet parallel. Begin by circling your hips fluidly as if you are hoola hooping, paying attention to the rotation of your hip joints, and the ball of the hips rotating. Play with small circles, large circles, and evenly directing energy with the motion of your tailbone or pubic bone.  Feel the muscles of your core, your abdomen and lower back as you isolate and integrate your pelvis.

As you gain movement skill and balance, have a little fun by playing with different speeds, range of motions and energy variety. Continue below for Tip and Video! 

Tip:  Keep your knees relaxed, practice circling in both directions.  Gain skill by lifting one heel or circling as you walk in a circle.  Play with the precision of the marital arts as you direct energy from your hara (energy center just below your belly buttton); play with the sensuality, rhythm and flow of the dance arts; and with the concious awareness of the healing arts.

Pelvic Circles 2

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