Chest Isolations

Chest Isolations 1

Chest Isolations is a Nia move designed to condition the muscles of the front, back and sides of the core of the body.  It may be practice in all of the stances and with skill, into several stepping motions. "Isolating" can be explored by moving your rib cage from side to side, from front to back, in diagonal motions or in circles.  Tune into the stability of your feet and hips to integrate core mobility. Your hands may rest on the sides of your chest, on your hips or dynamically press into space. Continue below for Tip and Video! 

Tip:  Practice with a variety of speed: slowing down to gain fluid strength or speeding up to gain agility. Play with dynamics: fliud, sharp, jazzy.  Play with imagery: hoola hooping around your chest, a bird cage dangling, a roulette wheel turning.

Chest Isolations 3

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