Elbow Strike Side

Elbow Strike Side 1

Elbow Strike Side or Elbow Strike Out is Nia arm technique drawn from the martial arts. This move trains you to draw power from the base, integrate the core of the body core and focus the mind on a target to the side of your body.  Practice by wrapping one hand around the opposite fist, powering the elbow toward the side, striking towards an imaginary target. Continue below for Tips and video.


Tip:  Look and lean towards your target. Practice with a variety of speed and combinations. Be mindful as you strike out, keeping your striking arm in a state of dynamic tension. Imagine striking an imaginary matchstick along the elbow. Explore start/stop action, then layer with energy variety drawn from the martial, dance and healing arts. Sound, "strike" in creative ways!


Elbow Strike Side 2

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