Undulation 1

Undulations is a Nia move designed to move the entire spine from the tailbone to the top of the head.  This wave-like motions conditions the muscles of the front, back and sides of body.  Choose any stance, press into your base and move your spine like a catepillar front to back, initiate from top to bottom or bottom to top. Also play with swishing your spine from side to side is an S-like or snake-like motion.  Tune into the stability of your feet to integrate core mobility. Continue below for Tip and Video! 


Tip:  Practice with a variety of speed (slowing down to gain fluid strength) and range of motion. Play with intiating with tailbone/pubic bone or with head/eyes by looking down, up and all around. As you gain movement skill, take your undulations into the space.

Undulation 2

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