Shimmy 2

Shimmy is an expressive, fun way to condition the muscles of your chest, shoulders and shoulder girdle. Begin in any stance by using your chest to move your shoulrders front to back.  Tune into the front and back of your chest as your collar bones rotate. Practice with a variety of rhythm and speed: slowing down to gain strength or speeding up to gain a fluid mobility.  Feel free to explore other parts of your body shimmying: your hips, your hands, your head, your feet, your whole body! Continue below for Tip and Video! 

Tip:  Play with a variety of hand dynamics: palms up, palms down, hands in a fist.  Shimmy with your lower back against the wall to stabilize your hips.  Imagine shaking and vibrating water off your shoulders like a wet puppy,

Shimmy 3

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