Fast Clock

Fast Clock 1

In this Nia move, play with stepping on the numbers of an imaginary clock before returning to "center".  Fast clock is defined by stepping onto 2 or more numbers before returning to center.  Just like the slow clock, think of having two 12:00, 2 centers and two 6:00 --- one for each foot as you practice: 12-3-6-center + 12-9-6-center....

Feel free to play with any combination as you direct your body and sound the numbers out loud to enhance body/mind connection. Think: "number-number-center."  Keep your feet under your hips (and core) as you step, your hip joints mobile and engage your arms to integrate your core. Vary range of motion, speed and different combinations as your skill improves.  Continue below for Tip and Video!

Tip:  Begin with small steps to evenly spaced numbers, then add larger range of motion. Use a natural stepping motion (heel lead) as you move forward and really sense the shifting of your body weight as you step to different numbers. As you become more skilled, use different parts of your foot. Watch and bring you Fast Clock alive with this video!


Fast Clock 2