Spinal Roll

Spinal Roll

Spinal Roll is a Nia move designed to increase the flexibility, strength and mobility of the entire spine. This is a move that teaches you how to sink and rise in a way that conditions the core, and protects the knee joints. There are two ways to initiate, either (1) looking up/extending your spine first as your move your hips back and down then rolling up or (2) looking down to roll/round down and pressing into your feet to rise/extend up.  Choose any stance and tune into the stability of your feet as you roll down and up. Continue below for Tip and Video! 


Tip:  Practice with a variety of speed (slowing down to gain fluid strength) and range of motion. As you move, breathe and integrate both ends of your spine - from your eyes to your pubic bone and tailbone. To protect your knees, keep them still (as in not moving forward) and let your hips move back.

Spinal Roll 3

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