Fast Clock - Jazz Triad or Square

Jazz Triad


This Nia move is a version of the Fast Clock  -  where you practice stepping on at least two numbers of an imaginary clock before returning to its "center."  The term "Jazz Triad" is an update from "Jazz Square" in the Nia system since 2009. It means that your feet step in a triangular sequence: from 12:00 (right foot) to 8:00 (left foot) to 4 (right foot) to center (left foot). The forward motion of stepping to "12:00" keeps your hips open and lower spine free.  For body balance, practice stepping with the left foot to 12:00, then - 4:00 (right foot) to 8:00 (left foot) and back to center (right foot).  Feel free to change sides with a "cha-cha-cha" at center. 

Play with slow and fast speeds, small or large range of motion as you develop movement skill. It helps to sound the numbers out loud to enhance body/mind connection.  Continue below for Tips and Video!


Tip:  Begin with small steps to evenly spaced numbers, then add larger range of motion. Use a natural stepping motion (heel lead) as you move forward and step back with the ball of the foot as you hit the back numbers.  Add energy variety with the dance arts! A litte shimmy for jazz, a shape for modern and expression from the heart toward the sky for duncan dance.


Fast Clock Jazz T