Downward Block

Downward Block 2

Downward Block is martial art style arm technique designed to increase the strength, fexibility and agility of the arms, core and base of the body. This is a move that teaches you to pay attention to the spiraling action of the forearms. Choose A-stance, sumo or bow stance as you tune into the power of your base. Begin in ready position Move one arm across the core of the body, spiraling the forearm bones DOWN to protect your groin and legs. Return to ready position. Continue below for Tip and Video! 


Tip:  Practice with a variety of speed (slowing down to gain fluid strength) and range of motion that suits your body's way. To protect your elbow joint, key into a strong spiral of the blocking arm and counterbalance by drawing the opposite elbow back. Block with the muscular part of your forearm. As you gain skill, explore hand techniques that includ fist or palm dirctions. Energize with the martial, dance and healing arts, using your voice to sound, "down."

Downward Block 3

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